Optimizing MOP documents creation with microsoft access

One of network engineer task is to deploy hardware or logical configuration In existing live network. It can be simple task such insert a module and provisioning it which has no impact in live network or software upgrade which can be impact to whole service in an NE (Network Element).

Even the activity is simple, it will be better if we do it with a method of procedure document, which is document for describes step-by-step sequence of performing an operation including before and after activities to compare and monitor after we perform sequence task(s) to make sure network keep in good performance without anomaly.

When creating MOP document, we can use template which already prepared. But how if there are a lot of NE to deploy? Of course we need to create MOP to each NE and can you imagine how to create 100 MOPs in just an hours? Which basically we can use the template document and only change important parameters such as Hostname, IP address, Location Address, etc. it wil be boring and tiring If we create the MOP and change those parameters manually.

Let’s take a sample, planning team need to upgrade all routers software to deploy certain features. We as an operation team will execute that request. Before execute it, we should create MOP first as we talked earlier. We can create template MOP to upgrade software in each router, assume the routers that will upgraded has a same type of software, so we don’t need to change any sequence steps in MOP. Just change NE ID parameters in order each network engineer clearly know what will they do and what NE will be executed.


the summary steps are :

  1. Create a table database that contain information which will you need to insert into MOP template which you create as word documentGambar Table
  2. Create bookmark in your MOP template for each part that you want to insert a text or parameter
  3. Create VBScript to search what NE that you want to create for MOP document and create script to fill it in word
  4. For point 2 and 3 you can follow this youtube link for the detail (it’s not me who make that video) 🙂
  5. Then you just search the node and fill it in wordGambar Search

for advance parameters or advance task of the MOP, you can develop your VBscript to make it easier.


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